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Commensal Organisms Can Protect Against Pathogenic Bacteria

Recent studies published in Science Immunology and Science have shown how a commensal intestinal bacterium produces an enzyme that can help protect against pathogenic bacteria.

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Feeling sad and losing interest in regular activities are the usual indicators of depression. This condition is different from normal sadness or grief as depression may lead a person to withdraw from other people. In addition, depression involves a state of sadness over a prolonged period. This may also be accompanied by thoughts of suicide.

As a psychological disease, depression is generally triggered by abnormal activity levels in the brain or irregularities with the neurotransmitters or brain chemicals. Stressful or traumatic life experiences and family history are also known contributing factors for depression.

Depression is a common mental illness and can affect persons from all walks of life. Unfortunately, it is often ignored or diagnosed erroneously. If left untreated, it could lead to grave consequences like suicide. The sooner the patient gets treatment, the sooner he/she can feel better.