I have always been a big believer in benign neglect . Let the body heal itself. And like the surgeon’s classic mantra teaches, “don’t just do something, stand there,” I have always given the body a chance to heal itself first for almost every patient I come across. Stem cells do just that. They let the body heal itself. So, me transplanting your stem cells for your wellbeing, in sickness and in health, is a good fit .

I’m  sure you’ve heard a lot about stem cells, and, right about now, may be very confused. Sources of stem cells, types of stem cells, safety of stem cells, efficacy… Baby cord blood vs. embryos, marrow vs. other body tissue sources, random strangers vs. people you know. There are even high priced supplements endorsed by physicians that help the body make them because if you make even a single one, you have indeed done your body a great deal of good. Encouraging stem cell growth with supplements that have been proven to give you a stem cell or two is great.

We are giving you millions of stem cells. In same day surgery, we give you extracted cells that your body stores away in your fat. Plus, by growing more of your own stem cells in a bank, optional but which we recommend, we can grow out lines of your own stem cells for later use when your body degenerates as a result of natural aging or for injury or illness in years to come.

Questions that surround stem cell care take hours to answer . Bottom line, we are transplanting back into you adult stem cells that come from you and you alone, and it’s extremely safe. Not fetal sources. Not from other people. Just you. And the other bottom line, we are not using the painful , ever depleting marrow source. Using safe, mini-liposuction, we are tapping into a source of healthier adult stem cells in a source that, unlike marrow, doesn’t diminish as much with illness and age, your own fat .

Again, we are also not using the higher risk, “fetal” stem cells employed by practices in Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela ,  and the like that must be manipulated to avoid harming you. No. We are harvesting from a source that hardly even appears in textbooks written five years ago -- your own fat (I in fact just finished a textbook published in 2011 with an illustration of adult stem cell sources that does not acknowledge the presence of adult stem cells in our fat at all and gives little more than a sentence about the possibility of fat storage in it’s fifth chapter!). And you do not have to be enrolled in any university-affiliated study that might give you a control arm with no stem cells at all. No on that as well.

And the care is being provided in a national network sanctioned clinic right here, near your nation’s capital.

To care for what ails you, including aging if you are healthy, you will get millions of stem cells in same day surgery, they will be only adult stem cells, and they will be your own.

History And Terminology

There are two types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Stem cells exist wrapped around all vessels in all tissues, including the most vascular of all tissues, fat. We originally didn’t know what they did, so their name was based on this anatomy -- “pericytes.” We couldn’t study them until we could grow them in a lab. Then, finally, 20 years ago, when we were able to cultivate and maintain lines of stem cells alive in a laboratory, their function was elucidated, and they were renamed “stem cells.”

The first stem cells studied, just 20 years ago, were embryonic stem cells, and so stem cell knowledge began with embryonic stem cells. The embryonic stem cells, not truly representative of all stem cells, came from aborted fetuses volunteered for use by in vitro clinics under strict guidelines dictated by the politics and ethics of the past 20 years. But we soon realized their adult counterparts, the adult stem cells, existed in every tissue from baby to child to adult as well. It is generally believed that almost all tissues have there own different types of stem cells. And, nicely, even those stem cells can back-differentiate into stem cells that will help other tissue types.

We rapidly came to realize that there were vast differences between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells come from only embryos and fetal cord blood. Adult stem cells are in all tissues in all living mammals. Embryonic stem cells are prone to cause benign tumors (20% incidence); adult stem cells do not cause tumors. Thus, embryonic stem cells require extensive manipulation to reduce their harm while maintaining their ability to help the body. In sharp contrast, when extracted from a tissue, short of washing them off, adult stem cells require no manipulation to help us. Once largely extracted from marrow, fat is rising as a better source because stem cells deplete in function and number with age and illness from marrow; and marrow extraction is more painful and risky than liposuction.


How do stem cells work? They automatically find the areas of inflammation in your body, areas of disease, destruction including trauma, illness, and natural degenerative aging, and they set up shop. Setting up shop means three things, reproducing themselves for an ongoing presence there, turning into progenitor cells which can turn into the correct types of cells that the diseased area requires, and ordering the tissues there to do the correct things. Progenitor cells, the progeny of adult stem cells, are fascinating. They can go on to form any other tissue type the adult stem cells require them to transform into; or, they can revert to become adult stem cells again!

Regular wear and tear regularly makes the body produce and mobilize stem cells every minute of the day. For example, blood cells don’t last too long, so stem cells in the blood come in from the marrow. Intestinal cells, which take a beating from digestion, need a constant source of stem cells, so stem cells are made in the intestines’ lining. Skin is constantly being replaced so has multiple niche areas in it to create replacements. And so forth. Trauma, usually major, is the only thing that really gets the rest of the body to naturally mobilize the more hidden stem cells to start working. Until trauma, they are saved, year after year, many of them lingering inaccessible to our body in our fat. If we can harness them, and we can now, we can use them for other disease processes including aging, illness, and smaller trauma. So, the only side results of their use for illness and aging is younger skin, more hair that is no longer gray, better gut function, hematologic improvement, like that. Yes. This is a very exciting time.


Many of you have come to recognize me as one of the areas top twenty-five physicians, a person of vision and passion, and I appreciate that. Please bear in mind however that lots of what I say below about stem cells comes from others. Plain and simple, the body already produces them, and nobody can say that we are introducing foreign living objects if they came from the same body receiving them. In the FDA game of tolerances required showing no harm to human health or environment, I along with all physicians have always dealt with known testing rules and final regulations. To get to this point of safety and efficacy with anything they had invented, big Pharma would have had to spend literally millions of dollars and 10 to 20 years proving their chemicals in protocols developed by laboratory companies in all likelihood, because they can’t match the safety of what your body makes for you. When it comes to regulation from Congress, massive deposits and ongoing disbursements to the FDA exist just to play in the game, and still no promises are ever given or taken. Just look at the handout sheets given with any new drug. Impressive.

Remember that mankind with his drugs and civilization created most diseases. The only source of our demise that nature recognizes as something that it wants to fix is trauma. It doesn’t recognize many of our diseases because it didn’t make them, so it doesn’t perceive many of our diseases. So, it doesn’t try to fix them. We made them. Now we can fix them, each patient fixing his or her own self.

Adult stem cell surgery, unlike drugs, is you supplementing you. No data is required for them and no label review is required prior to shipping in interstate commerce for use on just you in the future if needed. All that is required is an association of stem cell doctors, scientists, and researchers who have published in scientific magazines. Cell Surgical Network is my network, and I hold to all those references. I believe what I say according to them is biologically sound, but data is still necessary to be generated as per the regulatory bodies of the US government and practice of medicine, and I agree we need to continue to compile evidence. Notwithstanding, care must be taken to address the limits of non-government entities so that such self-motivated falsehoods do not enter the non-scientific literature, opinion papers, and Internet.

Adult Vs. Embryonic Stem Cells

As we continue to learn about both types of stem cells today, much scientific data exists in the literature that continues to confirm that adult stem cells are safer than embryonic stem cells. We have learned that, unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells need no manipulation at all (none) to directly help us immediately. Embryonic stem cells in contrast must be manipulated, contorted, stimulated, chemically prodded, and genetically fashioned to minimize their harm to us. It is thus easy to understand big pharma’s fascination in them. If they require manipulation before they can be made safe, then industrial patents can be involved in their use, and money can be made.

Since patents aren’t required for adult stem cell medical use, big pharma can’t make a dollar in their use. In fact, because they lead to an increased response to big pharma drugs as a result of illness being reduced, they lead to a reduced use of big pharma drugs, and big pharma anticipates losing big money as a result of their ability to help us all, thus, both short and long term. Want to reduce your dependence on drugs?

It’s easy to understand that little investigation is being made by big pharma. It’s not dollar driven for big pharma, so it’s not something they’ll study. It is dollar and health and longevity driven for us. So, we must learn about them by researching them through patient funded investigation. And that is what we are doing, patient funded investigation. Governed by doctors and patients, we are keeping a North American database of all of our findings. As a result of the first six years of harvesting and deployment in approaching a million harvests and deployments, that they are safe is now a given. But, we must confirm their apparent anecdotal efficacy by generating protocols and fine-tuning what works into methodology that improves their worth for each subsequent use or trial. In a network, this collaboration of thinking leads to accelerated advancement as we work together to help each other improve annually at meetings and presentation, monthly with conferencing, daily in a close network with an open database designed to help patients instead of win a political prize. For example, the protocols of standard operating procedures for harvesting and deployment have improved three different ways just this year alone because of findings by network providers leading to the procurement of millions of more cells as an immediate result.

Most simply put, adult stem cells, unlike embryonic stem cells are found in every one of us, so we can actually heal ourselves. Big pharma has less if any interest in using and researching these exciting cells that are found in every single person even though they help us, not just because they cannot secure a patent to make them money, but because they will allow us to use less drugs in the long run.

Most research in this country is dollar driven. That is, if it isn’t making someone money, we won’t find out about it from that research money. How utterly demoralizing and pro-American must it be for pharma to watch us taking care of ourselves without being able to put limits that benefit them either immediately or down the road. Immediately, they can’t put a patent on this care, so can’t make a dime. Down the road, as we improve our health, we need to use less and less of their dirty drugs, if at all.

Stem Cells May Explain Many Myths

Stem cells may explain some previously misunderstood phenomena. For example, why do pregnant women with asthma, diabetes, and other distinct disorders suddenly become well or at least permanently improve a few months after pregnancy? Stem cells? It’s not immediate. It’s 2 to 8 weeks, but these illnesses have been documented to resolve after a woman becomes pregnant. It is well established that stem cells from the baby along with the baby’s other blood cells mingle in the mom’s bloodstream. Are these baby stem cells finding their way to mom’s inflamed or ill tissue automatically and healing them?

Why does exercising to the point of muscle destruction lead to longevity and agelessness in those athletes? Stem cells? Maybe the old “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” adage is now easier to understand. Similarly, why have warriors of yesteryear that destroyed their battle warn bodies skirmish after skirmish managed to outlive their contemporaries and remain healthier than those who remain sedentary or just exercise routinely? Stem cells? Everything we are doing is investigational. We’ll have answers soon.


Self-Surgical? Yes. It’s all about you. From you, for you, because of you. Often on the same day, cells are harvested from you for return to you in a way that will help you the best.

Mini-liposuction harvesting from your love handles then deployment into areas of illness like knees or shoulders are all done in a sterile out-patient setting in a single day, usually in less than an hour. You need not be fasting. You are encouraged to get a snack after harvesting and prior to deployment.

Following deployment to your site of injury, inflammation, or disease or aging, I provide the rest of your millions of stem cells by IV. These stem cells find their way to only the areas of greatest inflammation starting with the lungs and onward to all the other body tissues.

These are the ultimate repair parts.

Specifically, the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) derived from the fat in your back has stem cells that go to the tissues to stimulate the tissues to help themselves including make more tissue. The SVF also has progenitor cells that go to the tissues to become the tissues. The progenitor cells, early offspring of stem cells, have the ability to back differentiate into stem cells of more tissue types possibly easier than stem cells can forward differentiate into different tissue types.

Candidates For Stem Cell Surgery

Any child or adult with any degenerative illness or trauma of any kind including elective surgical can benefit from a dose of their own stem cells. This includes aging with the clinical term frailty if you’re into labels.

While we cannot provide patient testimonials because of HPPA violations and federal restrictions due to the lack of research to date, we can report anecdotal stories. Young children with autism are sticking their arms out for their next stem cell shot because they know it will make them feel so much better with regards to digestion and sickness, not to mention happiness in themselves and their families, and even in the way their skin feels. The NFL (“not for long”?) may have new life with quarterbacks getting back memory after years of symptoms. 50% of men with erectile dysfunction post fully ablative prostate surgery for cancer is changing lives were able to penetrate again. Knee cartilage in the worst of studies improving 85% in a period of 2 to 8 weeks, 95% in more cherry picked groups over a period of months, all in all approximating the benefits of full knee replacement without the six months of disability incurred by such drastic surgery. Long time cardiac patients shocking their cardiologists at annual rechecks with normalized EKG‘s. And the list goes on and on and on.

Stem cells should be attempted no more than three times in a patient that is not responding to them. After treatment failure in that setting, consideration should be made to the possibility of immunocompromise, and the patient should consider receiving adult stem cells from a family member.

How Long Does It Take To Work

If it’s going to work, every testimonial so far claims some improvement in two weeks. So, 20% improvement by two weeks is the rule. Remember, you are talking about a therapy that has to change cell processes. Even medications that change cell processes take two weeks before they start working at all (of course, medications will be loaded with side effects which stem cells do not produce). But any therapies that affect cell processes must send signals to get into the cells DNA which lives in the nucleus and the mitochondria we have now discovered, changes what the DNA is ordering the cell and surrounding cells as a result to do, then those changes must be effectuated in those surrounding areas including cells, i.e., so membranes must change, talking between cells must change. You can imagine that all of this takes at least two weeks to start.

If you have struggled with illness and treatment failures, you have to ask yourself three questions: do you want to try something that resets your clock to what your body could do when it was a child; do you want to try something with a spectacular track record of safety that is helping staggering amounts of people that use it anecdotally trial after trial; or do you want your condition to advance further and further without knowing?

If you are generally healthy, you have to ask yourself these three questions: do you want to live longer, better, and more attractive? That’s whether or not you have any medical condition or disorder. Yes, even frailty and aging are degenerative processes. So these regenerating cells turn them around as well. If you want to defy aging, and some people don’t, we want to investigate how we can safely do that, too.

How Long Does Their Effect Last

How long do adult stem cells survive? How often do I have to get IV infusions? Longevity is good with stem cells. The studies again are limited, since most research in this country is only done on things that will make money for big pharma. However, some incidental biopsy studies have been strongly indicative of exciting longevity. Studies looking at biopsies of women with hepatitis nine months after delivery showed their daughter or son‘s stem cells in her liver. This has three huge implications. One, the immuno-privileged nature of the cells keeps them from being rejected (in fact, stem cells are being used to treat host-versus-graft disease). Thus, daughter or son cells are only half like mom, and thus different from her. But the body preserves them; and for a long time. Even nine months after delivery, viable stem cells are still found in the mother’s liver. Three, that the cells found their way to the mothers ill liver means they automatically found their way to this area of illness.

Treatment response in most protocols is assessed at two and eight weeks. Repeat IV infusions and specific site deployments based on re-harvesting or banked cells are strongly recommended if response is not as strong as desired. Rechecks continue. Protocols currently in use for certain illnesses clearly call for monthly infusions. Other settings seem to indicate an infusion every 2 to 7 years will be sufficient.

Their longevity is it expected to be in the thirty-month range. Remember, the body continues degenerating. So, how long the therapy lasts is not an indicator of stem cell function. Function and response dictate care which may include indication to revise protocol to say, come back in two months rather than two years. Like that. Stem cells last in your body multiple years it turns out. It is my feeling that we underestimate the power of a stem cell. We are currently underestimating the durability of stem cells in order to help patients. I believe they last a long time in your body.

Clinically, eight weeks as a point of maximal response, which is usually at least 50% and often (knees especially) 85-95% improvement, is what we hear again and again in testimonials that claim response.

Certain numbers keep popping up, as if there is a pattern of response based on what we know about the body’s ongoing natural ability to regenerate vs. the natural pathophysiology of a disorder’s tendency to degenerate us. Many disorders show 25% response at 2 weeks, 85% at 8 weeks. And there are two general classes of these disorders that benefit from stem cells. One group tends to require repeat stem cells every 2 years, and these seem to be disorders where a body part is degenerating. Another more normal group of disorders, if you will, pertains to normal aging only probably, and these will probably require stem cells every 6-7 years. I think everyone knows the old elementary school science fact that our body regenerates itself completely every 7 years. Maybe these disorders are on that timeline of need and disability producing that kind of response and success. It’s hard to say for sure. We do see both these sets of numbers again and again, though, and further investigation will tell.


Yes, expensive . So, we want you to consider not doing this -- because we are selling life. We are selling longevity. We are selling 2 to 3 more decades with your family .  2 to 3 more decades working on your second career. 2 to 3 more decades working on your dreams.

This is your opportunity to choose less invasive treatment, less surgery, less drugs. This is your opportunity to thus avoid side effects, some even harmful. This is your opportunity to choose less convalescence, less recovery time, less down time, less pain.

Look at cost, but in terms of probably less memory loss, less dysfunction, less weakness, less aging, and less frailty that you will get as an added benefit. So, if one disorder or indication leads you to stem cells, you are likely to get all the rest of their therapeutic responses at that tissue’s expense.

Less lost time at work. Less follow-up care due to surgery, surgical failures, or follow-up surgeries or surgical complications including infection (orthopedic surgery is notably prone to infection).

Insurance will probably not cover it .  It should. It is more cost effective for the insurance company, and they are looking into it. That will take years. Everyone should have the option to do it. They don’t. You do.

True, some don’t see it this way, and that’s fine. I have one particular patient who can easily afford stem cell surgery, but says he’d rather just keep his $10,000, get old, and die. If getting older to you only means getting more brittle and fragile, and dying sooner than later -- we get it. Stem cell therapy is not for you. But if getting older means having more time to do the things you love to do or to do the things you never did, give us an hour of your time for stem cell surgery right away. The same way Adult Swim and Disney discovered, hey, we as adults still really like cartoons, some of us have discovered, we never really wanted to grow feeble and unable in the first place. For those of us who don’t want to grow older and older and older, keep your user friendly, neighborhood stem cell team in mind. We got your “back”.


Fortunately, they are few. Contraindications including cardiomyopathy especially congenital cardiomyopathy limit the use of stem cells. Cancer must be ruled out. No patient can receive the cell surgery within two weeks of any dental work including dental office cleaning. Smokers cannot receive this surgery. The physicians performing such surgery must follow these same guidelines.

If you’re curious, smoking affects stem cell health, viability, and thus function. As a result, a close smoker friend of mine asked if smokers could get extra to overwhelm the blood contamination from smoke. I’m afraid not. I can help you quit, if you’re interested. Then, we can give you your stem cells.


My patients know me. I would never recommend something unsafe for a patient. Major problems have been extremely rare. The only major limit is that your natural disease progresses, the arthritis in your knee, the arthritis in your shoulder, and so forth, is no better two months after you’ve done the stem cell surgery. But it would have certainly progressed if you had never tried stem cells. And worsening of your natural disease process could happen with a dozen traditional drugs, with their added side effects to boot.

Other problems include divots, especially in thin women. So, for them, we do harvesting on both love handles. This is liposuction, folks. It’s mini-liposuction at that. It produces a desired result in and of itself, and most of the people are happy to get it for it’s own nicely body sculpting effect. “Go ahead and take a little extra” is what most of the ladies (and gentlemen) signing up say, thin or otherwise. There’s only one real risk of liposuction when it’s extensive, which this isn’t. Fat embolus. Nearing 800,000 harvestings in the US and Canada to date, there has been only one documented fat embolus that followed a stem cell surgery. In that situation, it is unlikely that the stem cell surgery produced it. Trauma that occurred following the stem cell surgery weeks later was a much more likely cause of the fat embolus. The stem cell procedure was held accountable, probably incorrectly. The fat embolus was treated.

Exacerbation of cancer is a risk. Cancer must be ruled out aggressively in all patients about to receive stem cell surgery. That work up is included with this care. Blood testing is required for this and is extremely sensitive. That is required. While stem are currently being used to treat cancer with great success, your non-manipulated stem cells deployed directly into you, which this is, shouldn’t be done in a cancer patient that isn’t in remission. Elegant studies are pairing stem cells with cancers and cancer killing agents including viruses outside the patient’s body and formulating treatments that can be administered to the patient with great results. Cancer in you however must be ruled out before proceeding with stem cell surgery.

One final extremely rare effect is worth mentioning. Exacerbation of fibrosis around the eyes can follow deployment directly behind the eyes in certain rare conditions. In only one case to date, following harvesting, stem cells were deployed by an ophthalmologist to both patient’s eyes. It led to permanent blindness, presumably from white cells drawn to that area associated with the stromal vascular fraction component that contains the stem cells. I am not an ophthalmologist. I do not work in or about the face.


Alternatives for aging

Don’t be fooled by things like testosterone. It’s just another dirty drug that pharma wants to sell you with tons of real side effects like life threatening and painful limb disfiguring clots that you can get even if used “properly” – it’s a terrible answer for most of us, especially if you’re healthy.

Wellness. What if aging could be turned around? If you’re generally healthy, and just afflicted from all the things that take a toll on us in aging… Think about the possibility of doing something for your health that can, if you are healthy, possibly double how long you live, which can make you as strong and athletic as you were over 10 years ago. Consider stem cell therapy. The clinical indication is frailty if you want to put a name to it. But what you called wellness ten years ago isn’t what you call wellness today. And you can get it back.

Alternatives for illness

There is no guarantee stem cell therapy will work. And while stem cell therapy will likely turn out to be the most ideal thing for your injury or disorder ESPECIALLY BEFORE you start standard therapies with proven lack of efficacy, steroids, NSAIDs, risky surgeries, federal guidelines do not allow us to encourage that. These cells may not make you better. But, they are more likely to make you better if other things are not.

Those unproven methods are well-established to not work. They are also well-established to allow your disease to continue. They are also well-established to hurt your body in their own distinct ways with unwanted effects on many of your end organs that must be exposed to them not seeking benefit from them.

Stem cells are your body’s mother cells as they are called in South America – they are what your body does to heal itself. We are supplementing you with your own stem cells by the millions.

Side effects? If you’ve been fighting an illness, mild or even severe, with no help from ineffective drugs that almost always have side effects, consider this an option. Because it’s so safe, the mostly likely worst thing it can do is not work. In almost 800,000 deployments, there have been practically no major reactions.

Availability. No one else is providing this strictly monitored investigational review board (IRB) driven care in the state of Virginia. No one else in the state is in a North American network that accumulates data daily that goes into refining the care that you receive here. In that anyone else experiences great difficulty in this country and isolated other parts of the world finding this care, your power to do it here so close to your home makes you pretty lucky. Not for 20 years, maybe much longer, should it become quite commonplace. But for now, you get to do it easily right here in the mid-Atlantic, close to our nation’s capital, seven days a week.

I understand that I am not the only clinic providing adult stem cells in Virginia. But, I am the only clinic in Virginia that is in a collaborative network consortium of 2000 physicians in the US and Canada providing adult stem cells extracted from your fat and deployed back into you in same day surgery.

Stem cells are great, yes. The word is out. But, be careful about bogus products that reference the stem cell’s greatness. Yes, stem cells are great, but most if not all of these products do not contain stem cells. And if they do, they’re definitely not yours. So, question the source. Question the type. Always read the transcript, and be careful about buying them before doing so. It's usually about a bottle of pills that favors stem cell health. Not a single stem cell will be involved in the product or service.


This website shows no database of positive testimonials because the FDA frowns upon it. But, take a look on line and you will find only positive patient testimonials. I have not been able to find any negative testimonials on line from patients, only the occasional negativism from pharma and insurance companies, and the occasional physician -- threatened authors that fear the effect this will have on their profession.

The fact that the transplant plastic surgeons that developed this surgery are doing the exact same surgery on their wives and themselves points up their faith in both its tremendous value as well as its complete safety.

And ask your doctor. If she’s read up on it, she’ll tell you. It’s completely safe. But just wait ten to twenty years for all the confirmatory data to show exactly what it will work on and for how long. If she hasn’t read up on it, ask her why not. That’s okay. Big pharma hasn’t shopped it to her in the form a suit in heels selling the next cash cow that you’ll need to stay on for decades so it can help you (i.e., so it can help them is more like it in their dollar driven world). But, I’ll bet she’s up on the latest cash cows and all their side effects. See, your doctor hasn’t had the standard million dollar ad campaign a drug gets they’ve discovered for the latest thing they’re shopping – so they won’t know about stem cells. And that’s because pharma is not studying it. And they’re not researching it because it won’t make them money. It can’t. Bear in mind, even if Tom, Dick, and Harry can cure Tom, Dick, and Harry without manipulating some chemical into safety and possible efficacy, big pharma can’t put a patent on it. And if they can’t put a patent on it, they won’t study it. If they won’t study it, no one will -- unless doctors and patients do. And that’s what we’re doing. Patient funded investigation.

In patient funded investigation, we network with hundreds of other clinics currently following our exact same protocol. So, we refine together. All the information goes onto a shared but private database in a day-to-day fashion if someone discovers something, semi-annually at meetings, and yearly at presentations. Of course, there is some non-patient funded research looking at it as well. And it’s very limited. That research is available and safe if you’re interested in helping. Please remember that if you want to get into such trials, there’s a 50% chance you’ll wind up in a control arm that receives no stem cells.

Experimentation is what big Pharma does with chemicals known as drugs because they have side effects they are trying to assess and minimize. This is not a drug. It’s same day transplantation back into you. This is called investigation because safety as a given, we now need to study specific worth. We all look forward to a day where a pamphlet with this wording becomes obsolete because all of medicine is doing this. For now, we would rather you do this because you feel you have to do this, not because you want to. Great safety. Minimal risk. Consider that the downsides of not doing it by far exceed those of trying it.

The Future

One starts thinking after hearing about one satisfied testimonial after another in the ill, injured, and healthy aging, what happens if you give stem cells to completely normal people, young adults that are completely healthy? Do they become superhuman? If we’re talking average intelligence, do they start thinking at an Einstein level? If they’re always making it to the playoffs, will they win championships consistently instead? And if their family tree says they will live well into their 80’s, might you get them into their 140’s instead? 150’s? Who knows. This patient funded investigation will help find out.


How long stem cells last in your body should be a major focus of research to follow at this time, both clinical and lab. Both types of research are necessary. For now, all we have is fully legal patient funded investigation.

Protocols must be generated. Research and ongoing investigation will use of stem cells at this time will lead to protocols in the next 10 years. For now, we just don’t know. Evidence-based medicine is all we have. And that always represents great care. In other words, you should get stem cells and continue getting them at intervals where your body is advancing it’s disease faster having shown response to the stem cells in the past, immediate past or several months ago.

This is very specifically designed to lower your demands for medications including opiates in patients requiring them. But it can also help opioid naïve patients from ever escalating to those needs.

More speculatively, don’t you think that a system that is so lenient on a big pharma that pushes opiates in a country riddled with this addiction might favor the greatest innovation to reduce our collective opioid demand of the past 100 years? You would think. But thanks to our own adult stem cells, we can do it on our own.

Where most of the research is currently headed is towards research that will allow Pharma to harness proteins being released by manufactured cells that are largely derive from embryonic stem cells that they feel have super powers. Unfortunately, this is there a downside to this. Embryonic stem cells in contrast to adult stem cells have the most potential for harm. Pharma still feel that they want to latch onto them as a research tool because they have the most potential for regeneration. However without potential for a generation, they have the most potential for tumors. Farm still wants to hang onto them as the tool for their success because they will be able to produce proteins and enzymes that will allow them to secure patents so that they can make money. Big Pharma simply cannot secure patents to Tom Dick and Harry and Suzie Betty and Jane producing cells for Tom Dick and Harry, and Betty and Jane. We are taking care of ourselves if we use adult stem cells. There are the safest. And they are all the body needs to regenerate with the body has made As an adult. We are taking care of ourselves. Big Pharma cannot put a patent on that.

Pharma is focusing on embryonic stem cells, the dangerous type, because using them they have found they can manufacture specific organ cell types. And if they can do this, they can patent how they manipulate cells to become specific organ cell types and they can patent the proteins they discover that the embryonic stem cells create to talk to other cells. They can only patent chemicals and how they manipulate cells. They cannot patent you or me or your neighbor or your loved one. And because they can’t patent us, they are not interested in helping us that way. The agents they use in the growth media two minute manipulate cells, manipulate their ability to differentiate the cells, growth factors, culture medium specificities specificities that increase the number desired types of cells, all of that they can patent. And that will you will get cells from other people, so they can manipulate that as well. And it’s hard to imagine that any sales other than yourself will have less side effects than you.

Pharma however can patent different special growth agents and special cell differentiation agents and special culture medium agents that manipulate the cells to increase their ability to divide, increase their ability to become desired cell types, increase their ability to last, increased her ability to change. That way they can make money. And that way they can use stem cells from other people on you. Engineered neurochemically, anatomically, and physiologically, Pharma continues to spend millions of dollars on research on embryonic stem cells that they can change and patent…

With little or no interest in the cells that are available to you and me for you and me. They cannot ever make a patent on you or me. And this angers them enough to not study it, even though it’s cleaner, safer, healthier, and possibly more effective at treating a number of different diseases.

So: this is not snake oil. There is a great deal of research that has been done in the past decade, and a great deal more that is underway. What we do know for certain as a result is that adult stem cells are very safe and adult stem cells work. How safe: completely. How much they work and how to use them in each and every medical disease we have discovered their value must be delineated.


Why are we hearing about stem cells now and not 20 years ago? We have known about stem cells for many decades. Originally called pericytes - cells with no obvious function with finger-like processes holding onto the outside of blood vessels everywhere in the body - they were renamed stem cells when we realized the body used them for turning into any tissue in the body to help healing when there is tissue injury or disease. They were renamed adult stem cells when they were found to be different from embryonic stem cells.

A brief timeline summarizes their history. 20 years ago, 1998, the first embryonic stem cells were kept alive in a laboratory. As a result, we were finally able to study them. Ten years later, those studies reveal that adult stem cells are different from embryonic stem cells. Five years after that, just five years ago, we begin to find adult stem cells in fat. Thus, the newness of adult stem cells in surgical therapy.

Patient Heal Thyself

If this is still frightening to you, it’s probably because you are either big pharma that can’t access it to make a dollar or fear it will diminish future markets; or you are centralized, corporate government that wants to own our health and thus fears they will have to take care of you longer; or you fear change; or fear progress…

Or maybe you are concerned that it is something new.

Sure, you can wait the 10 to 20 years it’s going to take to generate the exact protocols required to optimize the benefits of the extremely safe care. Or you can get that care today. Join us on the frontier of help, of patients helping themselves get better using their own cells without drugs filled with toxic side effects.

Providing Great Hope for Our Ever Aging Country

Adult stem cells are about safety and not surplus for Pharma. Adult stem cells are about patients and not patents. Adult stem cells are about self-care and not unknown donors and manipulated cells.

When you think about health care, you can say, yes, I have another option.

When you think about stem cell care, you can say yes, I have another option.

Improvement is the key word. What if you don’t? You will never ask yourself that question if you get stem cells. You will always ask yourself that question if you don’t.

Stem cell surgery. We are doing same day transplantation surgery of our own cells, sterilely freeing them from one vascular area of our body and placing them at a needy area of injury or illness or frailty. And you can grow in a lab and store in a bank your own stem cells. Personalized medicine is here. It is no longer merely a buzzword. The future arrived.

Some are advising sharing cells from outside donors. This may be unsafe at this time. Further, some are advising fetal sources, which are not only not you they are not even adult stem cells. They are embryonic stem cells. While safe and free of allergic risk, embryonic stem cells still need manipulation to minimize the risk of benign tumor formation. There are 2 lines of rejection, both cellular and immunogenic, that reject outside donor stem cells after 2 or 3 transplants. That foreign DNA creates donor tissue after numerous transplants that should be avoided as far as we can tell, especially in the first decades of this care, especially in light of the super safe great outcome system that has been developed that only requires you. You will only be getting you.


We are doing this with a team of two thousand American and Canadian physicians doing it primarily in our continent at a hundred clinics. There is a reasonable but low risk of divots forming from the harvesting process. This is increased in thinner patients. Every effort is made to avoid them forming.

Your own stem cells can do no harm in any new area of your body. These are the repair and regenerate, Maytag repairman cells already in use everywhere in your body. There is no doubt in my mind that us accessing our own stem cells for our own use is the greatest innovation to improve our health care since antibiotics and vaccinations. Not unlike antibiotics and vaccinations, they are being met with some uncertainty. But unlike antibiotics and vaccinations, we will not require the involvement of big Pharma. As a result of these similarities and differences that adult stem cells bear to the greatest innovations in health care, I welcome adult stem cells to our practice.

We love life too much. There’s still so much we want to do, and a second life would be just fine, even if we were never ill. So now, thanks to safe, modern medicine that lets you care for you, adding on years doesn’t have to mean getting grayer and falling apart and moving rapidly towards death any more.