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The Virginia General Assembly, in its 2013 Session, passed legislation that became law on July 1, 2013. Currently in the Code of Virginia at Section 54.1-2963.2, this law requires certain communication with patients who are tested for Lyme Disease. The obligation to provide the information is for all licensees of the Board of Medicine or an in-office designee that orders a laboratory test for Lyme. Below is the law in its entirety. 

CME Required for Certain Practitioners

Law was passed this year that authorizes the Board of Medicine to require certain prescribers to obtain 2 hours of continuing education on topics related to pain management, the responsible prescribing of opioids and other controlled substances, and the diagnosis and management of addiction. The licensees selected to obtain this focused continuing education will be determined by data from the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). In October, members of the Board will define the thresholds that will be used to identify these licensees. The thresholds will be reviewed by the Board’s Executive Committee on December 2, 2016. Notifications will be sent prior to January 1, 2017 to the licensees that are required to obtain this continuing education in the next biennium. Here is the bill that passed the House, the Senate, and was signed by Governor McAuliffe. To read more...

Opioid Educational Opportunities

One Care of Southwest Virginia, Inc. is teaming up with the Virginia Department of Health to offer free Category I CME programs around the state on pain management, proper prescribing of controlled substances, and substance abuse. Please consider taking advantage of one of these opportunities to enhance your knowledge, sharpen your practice skills, and provide safe and effective care to your patients.