OK so I’m gonna summarize a few general things, first. Regarding COVID-19. Don’t panic but know:

Vaccine will take 12 to 18 months to develop, most of the damage will be already done by then, and this is a “rush” vaccine so - likely to have side effects. So yeah.

It’s an envelope virus, so it can be broken and killed with soap (way better than alcohol and those hand sanitizer agents like purel).

Droplet transmission! So not respiratory transmission. But could be if sneezed

N95 face masks. Only ones that work. I’m still trying to get some :/

(CDC took all the last available masks from my medical supply companies - so - thanks CDC?)


I am not responsible for any problems you have with interpreting this education. Seek out a physician who regularly prescribes peptides. I’m delighted to help you with this.


So, onto the peptides.

#1. Thymosis alpha-1! Many already on this.

Crazy effective if you’re already on gammaglobulin. Remember, all of these peptides make regular drugs work WAY better at MUCH lower doses.

1.5mg 2x/wk x 6-12mo (40 µg per kg if <40 kg)

Will get viral loads down to undetectable! Needs to be started right away pre-risk.

You could dose it every day if you wanted to, really no side effects, peps are a great world.

#2. If you can afford > 1 pep, and feel you may be infected with a virus


Antibacterial and anti-fungal, but also anti-viral :)

Prevents viral attachment to cells. So perfect for envelope viruses (rely on it).

But also boosts host immune function against virus effects. So envelope viruses, plus other kinds of viruses.

But cancer is an absolute contraindication, can make a cancer worse. Auto immune disease also contraindicates this pep.

So not a good prophylaxis. Mostly just for treatment if you were to get coronavirus.

This peptide relies on vitamin D as a cofactor. So it teaches us that even if you are not on this peptide, you should be supplementing vitamin D (milk, sunshine). Bam

LL-37 is 150 µg SQ/day, 2x daily during a viral infection

#3. Selank

Also lowers anxiety LOL So also one of the CNS peptides. So also for pain and addiction! But also antiviral!

It’s actually a fragment of the IgG molecule !(immunoglobulin)

Nasal spray>SQ! Famous Russian pep. Prophylactic. And works for treatment!

Low doses are enough. 100 µg SQ or 200 µg nasal/day

4. Pentosan Polysulfate

(Polysulfates are HIV blockers! Plus! Selectively block those spike proteins on envelope viruses - like coronavirus!)

Big repair peptide. So famous for osteoarthritis. Also for intravertebral disc degenerative disease!

BPH too.

2 mg/kg, twice a week (may do it more x per week at first for greater initial effect)

#5. Thymosin beta 4 (TB4)

People may be on this already.

Great for tissue injury.

Like so many peptides, this is in essentially all human cells. So like most of these peps, you’re just giving the body back what it already uses to you back to normal homeostasis.

Very angiogenic. Very anti-inflammatory. Probably the most pleotropic peptide - it does a little bit of everything. hence wound healing, anti-inflammatory effects.

Method of action: it is an actin sequestering protein, so along with myosin, forms the contractile filaments of muscle cells and creates the cytoskeleton for healing.

Up regulation of actin thus promotes healing, cell growth, cell migration, and cell proliferation, and thus the formation of blood vessels, ‘angiogenesis’. And that we all know improves the function of any organ:

  • Athletic recovery
  • Post surgery
  • Injury
  • Hair loss
  • Cardiac healing
  • TBI
  • Lung inflammation
  • Corneal healing

Also, anti-viral effect. It increases interleukin. This increase is interferon – gamma. The end effect is similar to thymosin alpha one, but less robust. Both of these increase the function of natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells.

TB4 can also increase CD4 and CD8 cells. This of course helps AIDS patients. And indeed may lead to decreased viral loads - undetectable levels in as little as 12 weeks. So it’s presumed, and with great safety, that it will have fantastic antiviral effects with other viruses.

Dosing: 750 µg (0.25 mL) QD, SQ. Do not use for more than three months. Pulse/cycle if you need it again. This is important because it is extremely angiogenic. And you never know what you are fostering. Constant surveillance for malignancies, for example. Good regular screening by a good physician.

An interesting note on prevention
Tadalafil (generic Cialis) in that it helps in metabolic disease and Alzheimer’s, BPH, and pulmonary hypertension, may have a role in fighting coronavirus.

An interesting note on treatment
Yes hydroxychloroquine is showing promise at curing COVID-19.

An interesting note on a warning
Advil, and us presumably all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Motrin, Toradol, like that) could all possibly make COVID-19 “10 times worse” as per one Harvard clinician treating COVID patients in the ICU right now. So, use only Tylenol and so forth if you have COVID symptoms.


All peptides are extremely safe. Use them only with the guidance of a physician who knows about them. Go forth, and stay intelligent on all of this. And all of them.


Up regulate vitamin D. Your own vitamin D! No need for expensive drugs with undesirable side effects. Let your body make it. Sunshine; milk. Bam. And if you’re lactose intolerant, use lactase when consuming dairy products - works great.

Read more about peptides for practically everything on this website.


It doesn't mean you have to shut down the whole nation because the elderly and the immunocompromised die with it. The elderly and the immunocompromised die with HIV, some die with fungal infections from gardening, they die with any opportunistic infection! Are you going to shut down gardening? No you're going to tell those elderly and immunocompromise - don't garden.


If it's dangerous for someone to cross the street, do you shut down the street? Or do you tell those certain few not to cross the street :/

Stay well,

David Allingham, MD, MS