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Commensal Organisms Can Protect Against Pathogenic Bacteria

Recent studies published in Science Immunology and Science have shown how a commensal intestinal bacterium produces an enzyme that can help protect against pathogenic bacteria.

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Telemedicine in Oakton

When you physically cannot get to a doctor, a doctor can come to you through Telemedicine. Our Primary Care and Urgent Care in Oakton can provide you with the assurance that we will offer the support and medical attention necessary for your medical concerns via your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
In fact, by providing clinical health care at a distance via Telemedicine, you can have a video conference with Dr. David Allingham. Because he can see you through our Telemedicine software platform, he can discuss your medical history, determine what is ailing you, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and in some cases, save lives in emergency situations where every minute counts.
Telemedicine can help speed up your care by hours or even days. It is especially helpful for our older patients who may have mobility issues or for our youngest patients who may be too ill to travel to our Oakton office by car with their parents.
We have helped dozens of patients in Oakton, Great Falls, McLean, Middleburg, South Riding, Aldie, Potomac, Leesburg, Clifton, Fairfax Station and surrounding areas in Arlington County and Loudon County with Telemedicine. We look forward to helping you, too.

Learn more about our 24-hour urgent care Telemedicine services in Oakton. Call 703-255-1190 or use our convenient Book an Appointment form.