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Commensal Organisms Can Protect Against Pathogenic Bacteria

Recent studies published in Science Immunology and Science have shown how a commensal intestinal bacterium produces an enzyme that can help protect against pathogenic bacteria.

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Chronic Pain Management in Oakton and Fairfax

Chronic pain management therapy in Oakton and Fairfax is about finding effective ways to relieve or eliminate your back pain, leg pain, arm pain and neck pain with the help of pain management doctors in our pain management clinic.

If you have been experiencing chronic pain, call us today to discuss how we can help you control or eliminate your pain to improve your overall quality of life.

Dr. David Allingham will discuss your medical history before performing a thorough physical examination to pinpoint where your chronic pain may be. Your examination may require X-rays. Dr. Allingham will then recommend the best treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.

Whether your pain is chronic or intermittent, we have the technology and expertise to provide long-term pain relief from back pain, neck pain, arm pain, joint pain, or inflammation, which is typically a source of pain anywhere in your body.

As a family medical practice and an urgent care practice, we can offer conventional pain management techniques such as medication and physical therapy, as well as alternative medical treatments for patients in Oakton, Fairfax and surrounding areas of Virginia.

Learn more about our chronic pain management services in Oakton. Call 703-255-1190 or use our convenient Book an Appointment form.